Saturday, 27 August 2011

Of Singing the Blues on a Cruise

Sometimes, usually when you're not expecting it your night just comes together. And it did last night. Some friends and I joined a Blue Cruise up the Lagan in Belfast and what a blast it proved to be. Beautiful weather too.
The evening featured "The Doc" on blues harmonica and vocals. I have seen The Doc play before but forgotten just how good he is. For The Doc life is about the blues, about his music, about his harmonica and little else.
The boat was small. A little smaller perhaps than the average tug boat. So it was crowded possibly "friendly" down below as he knocked out the tunes as we went up and down the Lagan.
Half way through the journey it occurred to me that we were pretty close to the water down below and we were listing slightly to the right. I might add this assessment was not blurred by alcohol for I was driving that evening and on the wagon on the Lagan so to speak. As the boat turned to come home it seemed to list even more and I wondered whether it might be advisable to move, along with the most rotund of those below, to port side pretty damn quick.
If we did go down one thing was for sure I thought The Doc would play us out in style.

Working on the Annual Review of Employment Law Conference today.

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