Friday, 26 August 2011

Of On Ya Bike

I was in Dublin yesterday for meetings and I thought I'd give the Dublin Cycle a go as I had places to visit dotted about all over the city and two wheels made more sense than four and a meter. Or so I thought. It did not start well. The first bikeport in Abbey St didn't take credit cards and I was directed to one in O'Connell St that did. Only it didn't or at least not my credit card. The second took my money but reneged on its promise to produce a receipt with the all important code I needed to release a bike. It was out of paper.
I was on a mission and determined not to give up so I walked to bikeport no. 4 at Customs House. Nothing about this port was working the lights were all out. I finally hopped on a bike half way to my destination and trundled up the road to St Stephens Green. It was rush hour and it took some concentration. Pedestrians stepping off the pavement in your way other cycles overtaking vans with doors poised to open and knock you off. It was every cyclists for himself.
On the way back from my last meeting I was running short of time and decided it was time to get a taxi. I choose badly. The driver said he'd pop out to the post office to pay a bill on the way to the train station "if I didn't mind". On his return he took the opportunity to ask me a few questions and deride Antrim, the legal profession (forgivable) all women drivers and migrants (not so forgivable). I cancelled the journey prematurely and finished it on foot. More cycle journeys equals fewer taxis - has to be a good thing I thought...

Working on the Data Protection Conference today - loads to to do.

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