Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Of Come Dine With Me or Anyone for that Matter

A number of friends of mine are all single and have different ways of eating on their own. One plays loud music each time she sits down to a meal "tout seule". Another is divorced and lives with his two children. When they are away for the weekend visiting their mum he will, as he calls it, "Eat on the hoof". This he explains is eating standing up like he's too busy to sit down and I guess the food is consumed almost unnoticed. A third who is Polish tells me he sets the table for two people. Polish tradition apparently dictates that you should set the table for the welcome unexpected visitor.
For me well I guess I sit down and get on with it. I may listen to the Beeb, watch the Beeb on T.V or just read a newspaper. I wonder if there's room for an App here? "Come Dine with Me" for those who would prefer not to dine on their own even virtually rather than eat alone.

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