Saturday, 6 August 2011

Of Jobs Aplenty

Excuse me but isn't there meant to be a credit crunch on or something? Aren't businesses supposed to be fighting for work offering top quality service at rock bottom prices?
So far I've asked four different firms to come to my house to quote me for a job. Granted it's not a huge one but it's not small either and well worth the trouble one would have thought for anyone looking for two to three days' work.
The first firm turned up and their sales guy was impressive. He could talk the talk and gave some good advice. I noticed him grimace when I asked for an itemised written quote. I just got the impression that this is not what he does or certainly likes to do. I've heard nothing from him since. Firm No.2 showed up yesterday without apology 30 minutes late for the appointment and were well, ok. Firm no. 3 failed to show up at all without calling to let me know. No.4 is booked to disappoint me on Monday next at 12.30p.m. Come on No.4 surprise me. Inspire me.

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