Monday, 2 January 2012

Of Being High on a Happy New Year

So here we are back into another year. I spent New Year's Eve queuing for almost four hours for a good view of the fireworks over the Thames in front of the London Eye. I'll never do it again but it was worth it. Some of the time was passed chatting, listening on my Ipod to music or podcasts and indeed arguing with a guy who claimed I was on a bit of ground he had reserved for his camera tripod. We eye balled each other for several minutes each of us refusing to back down. I think my eyes may have looked away first. I figured that maybe I'm not as scary as I first thought. A cheerful thought to take into the New Year.
New Year's Day and I was back in a queue. This time for the New Year's parade along Horseguards Parade. For me this day belongs to the Americans and their ra ra marching parade bands and cheer leaders. Some of their lighter members were lifted aloft high into the air as they wished everyone "Happy New Year" with a beaming American self confident smile. Great stuff!

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