Saturday, 20 November 2010

No.426 Of Last Night & This Morning

Dinner last night with the Earlybirds was a rip roaring success. My guests fell for the "Homemade" soup not to mention the "Homemade" bread which one of them declared as being "Far nicer than any of that rubbish you can buy in the supermarket".

We got talking politics and then religion. Bruce, who has known his mate John for 37 years, discovered something about him last night that took him by surprise. It turned out that John was not a Prod after all but a Catholic. Bruce, still flabbergasted, promptly retracted and apologised for the multitude of anti-Catholic jokes he had dealt out in John's company for the past 37 years and we all laughed.

This morning I took part in yet another river clean up - or perhaps more correctly river path leaf sweep. I was doing well until Arnold turned up. He's 75 and was going at twice the speed of me and without my frequent stops too (the excuse being to see to the dog). It does give you cause for optimism however seeing guys in their 70s zipping around like they're 35.

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