Friday, 19 November 2010

No.425 Of "Home" and "Away"

I'm entertaining tonight. I'm cooking vegetarian spagbog for three carnivores. It's quorn mince in place of the three deal. I wonder if they'll notice? I'm starting with "homemade" tomato and lentil soup accompanied by "homebaked" bread - I wonder if they'll suss the "home" bit. My guess is not because I've been known to "talk the talk" when required.

I've spent the last two days shopping for tonight's dinner whilst at the same time buying the last of the items for my new kitchen. I now have a replica station clock. I have two lovely wooden forks for my salad bowl but I still have no butter dish. Neither TKMax, nor Tesco, nor Poundstretchers sell butter dishes for some reason. I wonder if there's a gap in the market there?

I need to spend sometime this weekend giving thought to the Christmas holidays. Youngen says he's got all the gear for the ski trip but we've no hotel booked to receive said gear and us for our stays in Bratislava and Vienna if we make it over the border.

So much to do and oh yes loads at work to be getting on with too...

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