Tuesday, 16 November 2010

No.424 Of Media Obsessions & Pressing Concerns

Oh No! The royal couple are to tie the knot. It's not that I'm not pleased for the happy couple don't get me wrong. But I'm old enough to remember the last royal wedding and the Press's obsession with it 12 months beforehand and indeed several days afterwards too. It seemed liked nothing else was going on in the world during this time and it didn't matter which TV channel you were on all you saw were two people standing watching flash photography go off everywhere giving daft answers to daft questions. (Incidentally,. as I type at 7.03a.m. Radio 3 is playing Grieg's Bridal music).

Of perhaps a tad more concern to me at the moment is that Ireland is on the verge of bankruptcy and may be too proud to ask for help. Perhaps the nation could swallow some pride and start manufacturing wedding memorabilia for next year to help its balance of payments problems......

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