Saturday, 28 January 2012

Of Day Time T.V

I was laid up in bed all yesterday with man flu. I was capable of nothing except a day watching junk T.V. I learnt only how bad day time television really is. It's dreadful. What makes it sheer torture is that if you don't like one programme you can switch channels but you're only likely to find a cheap imitation of the same programme on the other side.There's an auction programme and then about 3 versions of it on other channels. There's a house buying programme and three other versions. There's a lets-all-go-on-a-group-holiday and fall out programme and three other versions of it and so it goes on.
When the programme is beginning to flag rather than scrap it and try something completely new and adventurous they get the celebs in and run the same damn thing all over again.
I never knew life was so bad...

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