Saturday, 14 January 2012

Of Building Web Sites

I seem to be in a web building phase of my life at the moment. I'm currently helping a friend of mine build his website, Derry Law Firm, (new photo pending). I've just finished the first draft of a web site for an organisation I belong to called the "Belfast Speakers' Circle" and I made the mistake of telling a neighbour about these activities for she too has asked that I build her a site promoting her holiday apartment in Bushmills. I plan to do this because a free weekend in a really nice apartment on the North Coast of Antrim in the summer will do very nicely thank you very much.

The first web site I ever built was produced using software that came free in a floppy disk on the front of PC Magazine.It's got a lot easier since then thanks to the likes of web sites such as Weebly that can help you have something up in less than an hour.The trouble is, that it is a little bit like decorating your own house. If you go at it all at once in an attempt to get it done it is often difficult to look at it objectively and to see whether it looks great, okay or actually, truly awful.

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