Monday, 23 January 2012

Of the Chinese New Year

It's the Chinese New Year today and the year of the Dragon. Apparently, lots of Chinese men are due to quit smoking and alcohol and get down the gym this year because the year of the Dragon is a very good year in which to have a baby. Though quite why a dragon is better than a pig or a snake (my year) or a rat I don't know.
I had a neighbour once who was into astrology big time . She had one child who was Scorpio and she was convinced that a second would be fine as long as it wasn't born a Gemini for those two just don't get along she assured me. It must have been my white witch of a spell that I put on her whilst pregnant for child number 2 arrived slap bang in the middle of June. Whether she now has two kids aged about 10 and 12 who have never shared a kind word between them I do not know.
I once went to a mystics fair and got sprinkled with Angel dust. The woman told me I wasn't to worry in life because I had two angels looking after me. I've never felt their presence however. Perhaps one is Scorpio and the other Gemini and they're too busy fighting each other to be helping me.

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