Monday, 4 October 2010

No.397 Of Bad Dogs and an Englishman

I was a beautiful morning when I headed out to the pool today. 6.30a.m. is a great time to be up at a great time of the year. The mornings are fresh but not cold. The trees are glistening an Autumnal gold.

I did my statutory 20 lengths before racing back to the house to dash up the round and walk the neighbours golden lab. All was going well until on our return from the river walk she refused to release a large stick in her mouth which meant I couldn't get the lead back over her head. "Drop. Leave. Dead. Bad Dog" nothing seemed to work and she looked at me, passers by looked at me and those shooting by in cars no doubt wondered what the stand off was all about. Eventually I snapped the stick off either side of her mouth leaving enough room to get the lead on her and hurtled back to the house with her still firmly biting what was left of the stick. And I thought humans were meant to be stubborn.

I'm off with a couple of aforementioned humans to London this afternoon. Tomorrow marks the first day of Legal-Island in Britain and what a place to open at Oxford Circus, London. Bring it on. Let's do it.

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