Friday, 1 October 2010

No.395 Of Buddies Past

I tried a new restaurant last night Hooligans in Talbot St Belfast. I met an old mucker there Maura whom I first met at University and then worked alongside at the Law Centre.

The food was exceptionally different no chips here and no "alf n alf" either. It was also very tasty too. The bread and butter pudding was to die for and yes probably as good as my Mum does possibly even better (sorry Mum!).
There was one thing that spoiled it however : the loud music. Straining to hear Maura over lots of Buddy Holly tracks made me feel a little deaf and in need of an ear trumpet or two to stick close to my head and point in her direction. Not a great feeling for someone of my age. Perhaps the solution is to wear a couple of those rinky dinky new motorbike helmets that come with headsets and two way radio. Marginally less embarrassingly than ear trumpets I suppose and far more fun.

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