Saturday, 2 October 2010

No.396 Of Sticks and Stones

I'm babysitting the neighbour's dog, Isla, this weekend. I couldn't remember if I had to feed her or not this morning so I gave her the last of some apple pie I found in the neighbour's fridge. She looked delighted. (Isla that is. The neighbour is on holiday).

Isla is a mix between a labrador and a retriever. However, she's clearly got a complex about not being a full blooded retriever for when you walk her she shows no interest in any other dogs but spends all her time bringing things back to you. You get lost golf and tennis balls. You get old trainers and boots. You get large stones. You get an awful lot of fallen branches and sticks. And I mean an awful lot. This morning I soon got bored of throwing things for her and ignored all the stuff she deposited at my feet in the hope she'd do something else. Alas she simply took all of the flotsam and jetsam she found in the river to anyone else she could find in hope they'd do the casting for her. Fickle or what? Should have had the apple pie myself.

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