Monday, 22 October 2012

Of Triathlons and the Status Quo

I was doing some training over the weekend for my first triathlon in December. On Saturday I cycled 14 miles and then abandoned the bike and immediately ran 5 miles on the road. This morning I swam 50 lengths of the pool or 1.25km. Now all I have to do is put them all together. What surprised me most was the transition from bike to road. For a full two minutes the legs just didn't know what was going on. For almost an hour I had asked them to push a wheel round in a circle. Then I was asking them to drive an unwilling pair of feet up the road. It was not a pretty result - for the first two minutes at least. As I tried to get out of my development onto the road the legs were wobbling all over the place and neighbours kids witnessing the spectacle no doubt wondered whether I'd been boozing at breakfast.
The run was made much easier thanks to my Ipod and a good blast of Status Quo as I'm going round the circuit. Their full on three chord rock and roll provided just enough energy to get me home and happily for all I was too tired for a change not to get out my air guitar when "Whatever you want" came blasting out the earphones. Top day!

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