Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Of Julia Gillard on the Offensive

Occasionally, just occasionally, something comes along that convinces you that the art of public speaking and debating is not lost and gone forever. Last week we witnessed an amazing speech from Julia Gillard, President of Australia. She produced a devastating repost to the leader of the Opposition who had proposed a motion about sexism in Australian society..
It was simply astonishing. For me it packed a huge punch for following reasons :

* She's fluent and fast. It's almost like the 15 minute speech is delivered in one breath. Impressive.
* She takes no interruption despite being heckled by a number of adversaries.
* She uses repetition very effectively "I'm offended by, I'm offended by etc...
* She throws in great ad libs as she goes through "Those heckling me now should talk to the leader of the Opposition" " I see him checking his watch now, is it time for him to leave?"

To see her in action click here

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