Saturday, 13 October 2012

Of The Digital Switch Over

Yikes! I've lost BBC2 thanks to the digital switch over! That means no Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight! What's to go next? Channel Four and no Come Dine with Me? ITV and no Take Me Out? It just doesn't bear thinking about.
I clearly need to get this sorted by either a digi box or Freeview. The Freeview box is now at home and just needs plugged in. How this operation goes is very much connected to whether I ask Sky to provide my broadband (and with it TV not affected by this digital nonsense) or BT. I hope it's the former because I've still not forgiven BT for doing such a bad job providing us with broadband at our offices. If I remember rightly we were without broadband for two weeks and I vowed in lieu of suing them I'd never use their services willingly or otherwise ever again. What's more is that they just didn't seem to care as we did the IT equivalent of run water from the well and light candles to go to bed.
I'll still have the radio to rely on however if I don't get round to installing the Freeview box this weekend. This is no bad thing I guess. At least you can't see Jimmy Savilles grubby little face when inevitably you're updated on his antics during the news. We talked about him when he was alive and we're doing it even more now he's done. I'm sure he's deligthed!

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