Saturday, 27 October 2012

Of The Four Hour Week, Body and Soul

I'm feeling fitter and healthier at the moment than at any point since I was in my late teens. I'm now swimming 50 lengths of a 25 metre pool every working day. I'm jogging 5k twice a week too as well as cycling whenever a bike makes as much sense as a car for a journey somewhere.
The I'm-feeling-healthier bit is undoubtedly down to a much better diet. My day starts with porridge with berries and a sprinkling of ground flax seed. Later meals consist of a healthy mix of vegetables and beans with the odd bit of a fruit in between times. Much of this progress is down to Tim Ferris and his book "The Four Hour Body". It's rare that you read a book that is life changing or at least improves your life so much that it is actually noticeable. What I should point out is that this is the second time Ferris has managed it. The first was when he wrote his first book "The Four Hour Work Week" - a book about how to manage your life better using the Internet. His next book "The Four Hour Chef" is due out next month. It's awaited with great anticipation by someone whose interest in eating more healthy food is already spilling over into cooking. Tim Ferris, well done. I applaud you.

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