Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Of Weekend Escapes

I was in bungalow blight country over the weekend, North West Donegal I mean. Airbrush out all the almost identical white bungalows and you've got probably the most beautiful landscape around in the sunshine at least. And for a good part of my stay it was sunny or at least dry with patchy cloud. I made the mistake of checking three weather forecasts before deciding where to spend the weekend and they were all different. Throwing caution to the wind I headed for Gweedore in the MG with clothes for all types of weather. (Incidentally it was the BBC forecast that got it right).
Property in that part of the world is amazingly cheap at the moment. There's just one thing that prevents me from buying a cheap bolt hole out there and that's the road to it. It is long, winding and very dangerous. In the summer I'm guessing it's not too bad but I wouldn't like to drive it too often in the winter with the rain lashing down through the darkness and with cars coming at you with lights on full beam or with a pair of fog lights gleaming at you.

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