Friday, 8 June 2012

Of Hard Times and Lessons

I went to Junction 1's Outlet centre last night to buy a new suit. Being a Thursday I expected it to be, if not packed, then at least busy. But it was neither. Ok it was raining but Thursday night shopping a few years back was a night to avoid if you don't like shopper congestion. Last night the place was almost empty.
Empty too were a good number of the outlets. It was almost quite chilling to wonder around the next corner to see how many shops I visited last year were now no longer there. Those still standing were clearly fighting hard for the remaining business with offers of at least 50-70% off "absolutely everything".
These are tough times but I fear there is more pain to come. Let's hope we emerge the other side of this recession much fitter, healthier and altogether better balanced people having learnt the value of things and the things we should really value.

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