Monday, 18 June 2012

Of the Great Greenmill Cook Off

 It was the annual Greenmill BBQ yesterday. Come rain or shine we were out by the river determined to enjoy ourselves and a jolly little affair it proved to be.
It was organised, as always by the "Greenmill Mayoress", Kathy, who was on top form co-ordinating the food, drink, people and animals as well as being on rescue patrol for anyone who might have enjoyed too much beer and fallen in the river.
My contribution to the event was a bowl of salad made from quinoa, avocado and red peppers which seemed to go down a storm. I also tried some veggie sausages which didn't work so well sticking firmly to the BBQ grill and requiring major surgery to get what was left away from the heat and onto a plate.

I was also crowned table tennis champion. Okay my opponents were 12, 8, and 7 but as they say it's the winning what counts!

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