Friday, 22 June 2012

Of Quiet Understated Excellence

It's Day 3 of Strategy Day today. On Day 1 we visited the local ASDA store to use their training facilities and jolly good they proved to be too.
Our outside facilitator for the day, Richard, immediately became very excited as he saw the statements on the wall concerning the company's mission and values. By his own admission he's a bit of a business consultant anorak and loves this sort of thing. Out came his Iphone and with great excitement he photographed each statement.
Earlier this week on Day 2 of Strategy he immediately announced to the group that he was at a trade fair on Saturday and was approached by an ASDA employee who was singing the virtues of her employer. ""Ah" he replied with photos at the ready in his Iphone "that's all well and good but can you tell me your mission statement and company values?" Apparently she could, word for word. Impressive.

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