Monday, 7 May 2012

Of Two Barrys and a Canoe

Wow! I'm recovering today from a three day trip canoeing up the River Bann. My arms ache. My shoulders ache and my 3 blisters are sore, really sore. But it was huge fun and I'm so glad I did it. On the first night we camped and the temperature dropped to minus 1. My canoe buddy, (also called Barry) and I slept side-by-side in a really cramped two man tent which left us with no room to turn but did leave us soaking it wet as the morning dew dripped in through the fly sheet. So well done to for organising the venture, the 30 or so who made it back and to the two Barrys for getting to the finish line still the best of mates, despite the tent, each other's food and an awful lot of fatigue.

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