Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Of The Olympics

Apparently the Olympic flame will travel just a discus's throw away from my house next week on its scenic journey to London. Happily we all seemed to have forgotten that the tradition of the torch relay was started by the Nazis in 1936 so I might even call out to see it go by making sure of course not to do anything that might resemble a salute.
I was one of the few that was lucky enough to get Olympic tickets. I'm attending the women's weightlifting on 28th July and the volleyball on 5th August. I must say I'm already getting quite excited about it. No doubt I'll return feeling that I missed out on life and that as a youngster I should have devoted myself to one obscure sport that might have slipped into the Olympics a few years back. Pole vaulting must be a case in point. How many would think to make a career leaping over a high bar and how many would have the facilities to practice it? And now Sergey Bubka is an old man with a proper stick your medal prospects must be at least good. Damn always too late with my great ideas.

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