Sunday, 13 May 2012

Of Britain's Got Talent

There's a superb programme that finished over the weekend. It's called Britain's Got Talent. The great thing about this programme is that it is a true, simple, meritocracy. You go on stage and, if you're good, you get through. If you're not, you don't. It's nothing to do with who you know or how much money you have behind you. It's simply about delivering a fabulous performance and the rest will happen for you. You can be plucked from total obscurity and suddenly find yourself on the end of a standing ovation delivered by thousands in front of you with millions of others talking about you too.
Simon Cowell is much maligned in the press, particularly recently. There's something about us British that we like to give successful people a good kicking whenever we can.
Let us not forgot however, that this man has created something that has given us 3 of the most outstanding pieces of television and entertainment this millennium at least. They are :

1. Paul Potts
2. Susan Boyle
3. Jonathan and Charlotte

Guess it's a shame that a dog won it this year....
Meanwhile us lesser mortals continue with the day job. For me it's working on the next Workplace Mediation course.

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