Wednesday, 24 February 2010

No.246 Of Big Firsts

Things are not going well for us at the Winter Olympics. Our World Champion Bobsleigh team are currently 10th and our Northern Ireland skater fell big time in the short programme. She got up well though. I was watching the cross Ski-ing event last night which is new to the Olympics. It's four skiers at the same time going hell for leather to get to the bottom first. Great stuff. It makes the Downhill race look really tame in comparison. The big day belonged to the Canadian McIvor who won the first Olympic gold in the event. She was a local girl and had been practising on the track for the last four years me thinks.

We've a big day tomorrow with our own first : the first Education conference in the ROI for Legal-Island. We have a capacity crowd. Hold tight... hell for leather lets go for it....

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