Thursday, 4 February 2010

No.235 Of BP on his PB

"Attention, Attention, will all staff members proceed to the pool area immediately? Attention, attention will all staff members proceed to the pool area immediately" came the voice over the tannoy at 7.15a.m. this morning. This is how my working day started today as me and 7 other early birds queued to get into the changing rooms then into the Antrim pool. The announcement reminds me a bit of Jules Vernes's "Time Machine" when the Morlocks summon the Eloi people to visit them which they all dutifully do only to meet their demise.

The earlybirds met no such terrible fate however. I clocked 40 lengths in under 30 minutes - something of a PB I believe. I'd feel better about it if the bloke in the lane next to me wasn't overtaking me every other lap. But hey I was after a personal best not a pool best today and he's a show off! Bet the Morlocks wouldn't like him either!

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