Monday, 8 February 2010

No.237 Of Groundhogs & Chips

I experienced a groundhog day moment today similar to one I'd experienced 3 times last week. At precisely 8.03a.m. I saw from the same place the same two students walking by the same roundabout on their way to the same train station. Is this telling me that my day is becoming far too routine? Probably.

It reminded me of when I was living in Geneva for three months in the early 90s whilst working at the UN. I used to catch the bus from my apartment to the UN Headquarters. The bus was due to arrive at 08.56 which it always did to the minute and it dropped me off at precisely 09.11 every day. Every day I saw the same people heading in the opposite direction to me or passed those going the same way but not so impatiently. Geneva is a lovely place but it just worked too well for me at times.

Before Geneva I had been living in Glasgow, Govan to be exact. There you never knew what was going to happen each day - only that it would be different from the one before. On one occasion I awoke to find a lady at more door selling a pair of jeans she had no doubt acquired from a nearby washing line. On another occasion I had to help the local Indian out of his own corner shop - the "weeones" had super glued him in. The weeones were devils. I wont say what they were up to when they took the vinegar bottle from the local chippy and then returned it for a night's full use on the "fish suppers". Needless to say I never had vinegar on my chips again.

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