Thursday, 12 September 2013

Of Not Rushing the Russian

I'm learning Russian at the moment and it's tough going. But I'm refusing to give in and am throwing everything I have at it right now. I'm currently using the Idiots Guide to Russian, Michelle Tomas's Russian Language Course and Pimsleur's Russian Language Programme. The trick, I've decided, is not to rush to where I want to get to but to maintain a keen steady pace of learning.
The wife laughs at the prices in the audio examples which clearly belong to the old Soviet times and laments that she can no longer stay in a good Moscow hotel for 40 kopecks or buy a train ticket Moscow to SPB for 30 kopeks.
I was never very good at languages at school. In fact, if the truth were told I was rubbish. But I always had discipline and if I decided I wanted to do something I'd do it. That's why now I'm doing an hour of Russian every day and if I run short I have to make it up the next. Вынесите эй?

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