Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Of The Four Hour Chef

A good friend of mine thinks I becoming a Tim Ferris fanatic; a Ferris follower, disciple even and I think she's right.
Ferris started out as author of the international bestseller "The Four Hour Week" which turned thinking on its head by challenging what we thought we already knew in many areas relevant to our working lives. In his next title "The Four Hour Body" he challenged the reader to eat, swim and indeed have better sex by rejecting inherited thinking and following some key but quite simple steps.
His latest book out this week is "The Four Hour Chef". You'd think it's about food and how to prepare which it is in part. But it's also stuffed full of other great life tips from how to acquire a super memory and learn languages to lighting fires in a way that causes them to burn for longer and give out much more heat.
It's quite astonishing what this man knows and what he's prepared to try and experiment with. He must be one of the most curious individuals on the planet and seems to have become a vertiable guinea pig for anything new that helps us do what we are currently doing but so much better.
I'm ten pages into the 550 odd pages of this latest work but it's already been worth the £15 I paid for it. I can't remember the last time I said that about a book which says it all I guess.

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