Monday, 26 November 2012

Of Car Booting

As part of my commitment to do two days of charity work each year I went car booting on Saturday to raise a few bob for Legal-Island's charity in Malawi.
It was a really cold morning and one that refused to warm up. By 11a.m. it was still barely above freezing.
But by 7.15a.m. I had sold a six string banjo that had followed me around the UK since my first year at university. I had flogged 3 chairs and a strimmer in a brief rush a little later.
There's something quite appealing about trading at a car boot sale. Anyone who is prepared to get up in the early hours of a cold Winter's morning in search of a bargain is bound to have some spirit and be worth a conversation or two. One such punter, challenged me to a game of tennis as I tried to sell him a tennis racket. Why not? I thought. He whooped me 2 sets to love Sunday afternoon. He never did buy the racket either.

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