Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Of Not Proven Your Honour

I was annoyed yesterday. Very annoyed. Returning around 5p.m. from a meeting in Belfast  I found a ticket on my car sporting a £60 penalty charge. I looked around to work out what I'd done wrong but could see no yellow lines down or signs up indicating I had parked in a restricted area. A lady came rushing over to explain that she had parked right behind me until she was advised by a traffic warden she couldn't park there because it was gone 4.30p.m. and it was a restricted area from that time to 7p.m.. I looked for signs explaining as much but could see nothing.
Year's ago I was in a similar situation in Glasgow and contested the fine in court. The police called two witnesses and so did I. The judges retired to consider their verdict and returned with a "not proven"! "Not proven" I declared in a state of shock "What the hell's all that about". My Scottish friend assured me it's like a not guilty only with a slight stain on my good character. Not great I thought but better than a £60 fine..

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