Thursday, 7 February 2013

Of Two Great Days

We've just had two superb days with the marketing genius that is Grant Leboff. I like this guy. He's to the point. There's no bullshit. There's no fluffy stuff and he gets right in there with you.
Legal-Island's marketing and sales team are still digesting everything he took us through but here's my summary of the wisdom he left us with :

* The most precious business resource is people's attention. Get as much of this from your customers as possible
* Higher purpose in business is important. People don't buy what you do but why you do it. Martin Luther King had a dream not a plan. People bought into his dream.
Importantly :
* Marketing should no longer be a means to an end but the marketing should be the product.
* Marketing needs to be 3 dimensional. It needs to speak to people not things
* Getting first mover advantage can sometimes be critical and is often the best way to create clear blue water between you and competitors
*Critically you have to understand where do the value in what you provide reside.
* Social proof in selling is critical. People will buy because others have bought your product.

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