Thursday, 17 August 2017

Of Tools of Titans Part VI

   I keep saying I'll document and publish just another 5 favourites from the book and leave it at that but more keep coming out me. Here's my latest five of the best :
  1.   Earn with your mind not with your time

So the argument goes there’s always someone out there who can out work you. Someone who is willing to sacrifice more of her/his life to gain competitive advantage over you. What you have to do is outthink the opposition. This takes time, energy and yes space to do quality thinking.

  2.   The importance of staying calm

The key in a restaurant and the key in any kind of high pressure situation I think is that 75% of success is staying calm and not losing your nerve. The rest you figure out, but once you lose your calm everything else starts falling apart fast”.

 3.   Start in the Middle

According to the book it doesn’t always make sense to start at the beginning. Start instead in the middle and work outwards.
It’s much easier. The Odessy, The Divine Comedy, Raging Bull are all great examples of middle start works of art.

 4.   Availing of every opportunity

Willie Walsh head of BA was once asked about the key to his success. He admitted to not being great at many things but always availed of every opportunity that came his way. According to ToTs “The big question I ask is “When I had the opportunity, did I choose courage over comfort?”.

 5.   Be clear that your ladder is leaning on the right building

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