Sunday, 9 April 2017

Tedx- Once and Forever

There can't be many times when you go to bed knowing that whatever happens the following day you'll remember it for the rest of your life. But then I guess not every day do you do a Tedx Talk.

I went to said bed feeling good about what was to happen and slept well except for the fact I was in a small guesthouse bed sharing it with my two favourite females the smaller of which was taking up much of the space.

I awoke and the first thing I did was to note how nervous I felt and surprised myself. I didn't feel nervous at all. Maybe the attack would come later I thought.

But it never did. At the side of the stage I spied the famous big red circle and talked to it a little in my head. The audio man hooked my microphone up, I listened to the compère doing the intros and get me slightly wrong. I walked up the steps onto the stage and stood firmly in the red circle.

What happened then was captured for all to see just about forever I guess and therein is the pressure of a Ted Talk. You can access it here