Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Of Crowd Sourcing

I attended the third of Professor Tucci's innovation seminars yesterday. This one was on crowd sourcing and was dizzingly thought provoking.
I picked up the following key points I thought I'd share now :

* is useful helping you put all your travel details in one place. You can list friends and find out where they are travelling to, if of course, they have joined the site too.
* Google image labeller is interesting. Go to the site and when you login you are partnered with someone else also just logged in. You are both given an image to describe using your own key words. If you use many of the words used by your partner you are given a high ranking. It's billed as a load of fun but has a clever alternative purpose. Google uses the key words entered as tags for the images used on the Internet.
* Project Gutenberg is fascinating. This encourages people to type up old out of print books which they then publish online. When you go to some websites you are required to type in two words allegedly to prove you're a human. But one of these words is from the Gutenberg project. When you type in that word it is used in one of their books.

Nothing is what it seems anymore.

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