Saturday, 30 May 2009

No.71 Of trends & old friends

I've decided I'm a miserable git. I attended a seminar yesterday which was very touchy-feely and interactive. We had to introduce ourselves to the person sat next to you. We had to play a game of word association going round the room. We had to walk around the room pretending to be a person of low status then a person of high status. The grand finale was getting up and being presented with a certificate to great applause whilst shouting out "I'm a failure". 5p.m and the end of the seminar couldn't come quickly enough. I was worried that feigned enjoyment was turning into mild irritation & possibly anger.

I was never into "trendy training" and now have to accept I never will be. What I learnt yesterday could have be put on three lines of a power point slide - or am I missing something?

The Internet tis a great thing. This morning I had an email from Katz the first contact from her in a good year or more. Katz ran into Legal-Island many years ago when Slovakia had just joined the EU. Her and her sister, Mo, did some great work for us. Like most migrant workers at that time we employed they were far too qualified to stuff envelopes for us but they were grateful for the work and we their labour. Katz had a great business head on her and it was always a regret of mine that we didn't do a bit of Biz together. Legal-Island/Katz & Co has quite a nice Slavonic ring to it say I.

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  1. Been to one of these a while ago. It doesn't work in NI. Might feel good to some people at the time, but people want substance.