Monday, 18 May 2009

No. 62 Of Female Cruises & Male Crises

I spent much of the weekend catching up on house work if you don't count a night out to an Italian restaurant near the QU followed by a showing of "No Country for Old People" - which I don't.
I can't say how long the ironing took me but I started at the beginning of a Sean Connery Western on T.V. and finished right at the end of "Britain's Got Talent" which followed immediately after.

Spoke to Dad over the weekend who's just back from a cruise down the Nile. I had forgotten he had taken his wife and three other women! Apparently everywhere he went street traders tried to sell him cheap Viagra!

Need to do some exercise big time this week - too much is gyrating nowadays when I hoof it down the office stairs for the morning meetings. Away to Google "Male bras"...

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