Saturday, 21 March 2009

Day 12 21 March 09

Went to Deans last night. It was good but overrated and overpriced. My company got bladdered so we left before we were thrown out. Oh the joys of socialising! The couple on the table next door were causing a scene too. The restaurant's credit card facility had broken and they were asking everyone to hoof it up the road to a cashpoint. The couple clearly didn't feel much like hoofing last night so they argued the case for leaving their credit details for the restaurant to process once the machine was back up and running. Their waiter tried a politie explanation, then a second waiter had a go. Then the manager was called. Then my bladdered friend waded in whilst I left for the cashpoint...

Just when I thought this blogging was a complete waste of time an email arrived in yesterday entitled "Blog" from an HR professional just up the road from our main offices. I met him for lunch and left excited about what the contact may generate for us both. We both talked about "The Tipping Point" and how a book with great potential and fine reviews is actually proving hard work to read.

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  1. Have to say the tipping point is not the best read in the world. More filler than killer for the most part. Its slow and possibly boring in parts.

    On the other hand the idea/theory and prinicples behind the tipping point are excellent. As a marketing professional I love the concept. Its One of those books where skim reading is probably not a bad idea.