Monday, 11 November 2013

Of When there's Overweight and OVERWEIGHT

I jumped on the electronic scales this morning at the Antrim leisure centre to check whether this new fitness regime is paying off or not. One thing startled me; another worried me and a third thing amused me.
It seems I'm 6 ft 1in tall. I had always thought I was 5ft 11 3/4inches. Clearly, I've be misleading medics, tailors and suit hire people since I was 18 or thereabouts.
I now weigh 13lbs 7st 12 oz which is a full two stone lighter than I was this time last year. Well done the Tim Ferris diet and Barry Phillips for the discipline for keeping to it for it's not the tastiest grub going.
My BMI is 25.1. According to the print out, if you're 25 or less you're of an ideal weight. So this makes me overweight. What amused me is that if I were to end up in the next category I'd still be overweight but the overweight is in uppercase! It's a very pc world we live in. Or should that PC?

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