Monday, 17 June 2013

Of Painless Russian Language Learning

Something rather wonderful happened a while back. I went on Ebay to see if I could find a Russian language CD for the car. Most of them we're quite pricey and full courses were approaching £100. Right down the bottom of the search results was a CD for £2.99. Perfect I thought! It didn't have much of a description to it but for that price who could go wrong?
The CD duly arrived a few days later and it turns out it contained a highly illegal copy of the famous Michele Thomas technique to learning Russian. Curious, I popped on the first lesson and it was great. I did the second, the third and now I'm hooked. Best of all its quite painless too.
The aim now is to do 18 5 minute lessons each day. The course is clearly working because I had my first conversation in Russian with Mrs P yesterday. She asked me if I wanted eggs for breakfast. I said I didn't I wanted porridge because I was hungry. I asked for a cup of red tea. And replied "Yuk" (thinking this would surely work in Russian too) when she asked if I wanted milk in my red tea.
Michele Thomas was an interesting guy. He fought in the French resistance before going to make his fortune in the US teaching foreign languages to "A" list celebrities and popularising his language techniques.
Spacebo Michele. Thank you Ebay.

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