Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Of the Belfast Speakers Circle 2013+

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be elected the new President of the Belfast Speakers' Circle. This is a club that has been going since the Second World War. Apparently, it started when people gathered at night around fires to watch out for enemy aircraft. As they did so they told stories, practised their oratory skills and laid the foundations of a club that exists to this day.
You might say we've a motley bunch of members. We've a nurse, an art dealer, some retired teachers and even a former Saudi T.V presenter.
We've work to do in the Circle however. We need to update our programme to make sure it meets the needs of public speakers today. We need to sharpen our own saw and by that I mean improve how we give feedback to speakers and help them learn. Above all we need new members of the Circle in the hope that it will carry on for another 70 years and more. Let's go!

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