Friday, 24 August 2012

Of The E-Myth Revisited

Last December I read a book called the "E-Myth". The title is a little misleading. Many might think it is to do with Email or the electronic world and why it is not up to what it is generally thought to be. But it is actually to do with entrepreneurship and how most of business people continue to get it wrong big time.
The author argues that every entrepreneur should start and develop a business like he or she plans to franchise it. Only then will they create the distance from the day to day activity that will allow them to grow it and expand.
He gives some great examples in his book and looks closely at how McDonalds works its franchise system and how so much of it is done exactly the same throughout the world.
Today, we have a consultant coming into Legal-Island to help us draft workflow processes and begin to put into practice much of the advice dished out in the E-Myth.

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  1. Barry, I should have asked some more questions when we met, you mentioned on the tour of the premises your recent efforts on documenting your work flow processes, and independently we chatted about the E-Myth, wow!

    Mr Gerber's book is the first I give to clients when we begin our journey of building the business.

    It's a great book conceptually, and I have developed a system to grow business with my own belief that a Business should be a cash generating asset for the business owners, and that the owners should work on, not in the business!

    Delighted to see someone else with the same thoughts.

    If you ever want to hear more about my system and the steps I have developed then give me a call and we can grab another coffee and chat with a different agenda from our recent meeting.

    Loved your team, your building, and of course the wonderful eggs!