Sunday, 8 August 2010

No.365 Of Costly Days Out and In

I was thundering along the motorway yesterday when I saw a man with a gun on a bridge in front of me. I immediately slammed on the brakes. It was a policeman with a speed gun. I was doing 10 mph over the limit. I guess I await hearing from him in the post.

Twenty minutes later I'm in Belfast near the clock tower and I noticed a colleague of his also pointing a gun at me. Trying not to take it personally I threw on the breaks again. I guess I was doing about 48 in a 40mph area. That could have been a very expensive half an hour's driving. We'll see.

Yesterday a friend of mine texted me demanding a weigh-in. He and I had bet each other £100 that we could lose a stone in weight faster than the other. No doubt he's just done it.

All quite depressing really. Time to cheer myself up with a Latte and muffin..

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